Frequently Asked Questions


We get asked a lot of important questions that ultimately guide clients in their decision to work with us. Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions and our best answers! 

 01  How much are services?


This is by far the most asked question, and it usually comes up pretty early in our initial conversations. While basic proofreading services start at $50, there is no exact pricing guide for the services we offer. The reason for this is simply--every project is different. A resume being condensed from 4 pages to 1 page is going to cost different than a resume from scratch. The best way to get an exact quote is to set up a call and present your current documents!  


 02  How long until my project is complete?


We pride ourselves on responsiveness and turnaround time. We won't rush through your project by any means, but we're also not playing around. Most clients can expect to have finished products in 1-7 business days. 

 03  How can I pay? 


​We currently accept payments through Zelle, PayPal, Venmo, or Cashapp.

- Zelle:

- Paypal: @dallaswritingproject

- Venmo: @dallaswritingproject 

- Cashapp: $dallaswritingproject

 04  What if I am not satisfied? ​


One of the greatest aspects of working with Dallas Writing Project is that you don't pay unless you are satisfied. This means that we go through several stages of the revision process until you approve of a final product. At the end of your experience, if you are still not happy, you don't pay. 

 05  Does DWP work with other types of projects? ​


Yes. Although resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles are the bulk of what we do, we've also helped with college essays, letters, flyers, business documents, bios, video scripts, and more. We've even helped individuals find other professionals in cases where we can't do the work ourselves. Needless to say, if you have a project we might be able to help with, just ask! 

 06  How does DWP ensure my personal info remains confidential?  ​


Client confidentiality is extremely important to us. We encourage all prospective and ongoing clients to remove physical addresses from resumes prior to sending them for review--they won't be on final drafts anyway. Otherwise, the only contact information we keep on file is phone number and email address, neither of which are shared with anyone outside of the organization.

 07  What is DWP's success rate? Can DWP guarantee employment? 

A lot of companies and resume writing professionals have statistics on their website, such as 90% of previous clients have secured a new or higher paying job after working with them. We don't have that metric because we work with all types and caliber of people. A good resume can only go so far. We give clients a solid foot forward, but securing a great position depends on more than that piece of paper!