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Frequently Asked Questions


We get asked a lot of important questions that ultimately guide clients in their decision to work with us. Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions and our best answers! 

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 01  How much are services?


One page resumes start at $200, with prices ranging for additional services, including from scratch, rushed services, or other unique specifications. However, we pride ourselves on offering a sliding scale and negotiable approach.  


 02  How long until my project is complete?


We pride ourselves on responsiveness and turnaround time. We won't rush through your project by any means, but we're also not playing around. Most clients can expect to have finished products in 1-3 business days. 

 03  How and when do I pay? 


​All projects are paid using QuickBooks invoicing upon completion. That's right. Our business is built on self-confidence and mutual trust.  

 04  How does DWP ensure my personal info remains confidential?  ​


Client confidentiality is extremely important to us. We encourage all prospective and ongoing clients to remove physical addresses from resumes prior to sending them for review--they won't be on final drafts anyway. The only contact information we keep on file is phone number and email address. 

 05  What is DWP's success rate? Can DWP guarantee employment? 


Beware of companies that promise a success rate of landing clients roles. A resume is critical to the hiring process, but it is not the only important piece. Hiring demand, qualifications, and personality types are all at play. 

 06  Are your resumes written with ATS compatibility?


Yes, we ask that all clients provide job postings for positions they are interested in so that we can evaluate what is asked of the new role and tailor the writing accordingly. Rather than using keyword stuffing, we see where your previous experiences overlap with the new role and write your skills in context. 

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