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Resumes & Cover Letters

Your resume is the professional  representation of your background, experience, and abilities. There's a lot that goes into a solid resume from formatting and organization to the written content. And because employers will first see your resume without having a chance to get to know you, it truly is your first impression. That said, the work shouldn't be taken lightly. When seeking help on a resume, it's highly recommended that you hire a professional who knows the industry, can ask the right questions, and has a high proficiency in writing. 

LinkedIn Profiles


According to a recent report from Jobvite, a company that helps businesses find talent, 77 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates. The truth is, there will come a time when traditional resumes will no longer be relevant. Another hard truth is that time is coming sooner rather than later. LinkedIn allows clients to elaborate on their work experiences, educational background, skills and interests in a more detailed manner than resumes were ever capable of. When you hire us to revamp your profile, we use an itemized checklist to reshape your online image from start to finish. 



From time to time, clients will reach out asking if we ghostwrite essays. The short answer is no, mostly because of honor codes, but we also choose not to because we believe in helping individuals develop the useful skill of writing so that they can approach their next assignment or project with more confidence and understanding. We guide clients through their current content and provide real time feedback that can establish a better understanding of organization and grammar for writing in the future. For clients who have ongoing writing assignments, we're more than happy to assist on a recurring basis. 

Business Meeting
Business Consultation
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Career Counseling 


Because of the nature of our business, many clients have questions about how to align their strengths and passions with the a career that makes sense. We work with individuals to better outline professional pathways, build relevant workplace skills, and better understand how to navigate the application and interviewing process. We provide services related to finding potential professions, applying with companies, practicing interviews, and many other services. 

Special Projects


While professional portfolios (resumes, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, etc.) take up the bulk of our workload, we often receive requests for all types of different projects. In our tenure, we've helped clients with some of the following special projects: personalized poetry, small business fliers, personal ads, product descriptions, victim impact statements, memorial tributes, loan application letters, city appeal letters, websites, logos, pitch decks, proposals, and many others. If you have a unique project, we can help! 



While we provide direct services for most clients, some individuals are more interested in becoming better writers themselves. As a result, we host virtual and in-person tutoring sessions on a myriad of skills, from basic computer literacy to elementary level grammar, mechanics, and best practices. We've helped clients with all levels of written content, including Master's theses and middle school application essays.