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Copying Down


  • How much do services cost?
    Pricing for a one page resume revamp starts at $200 with projects requiring additional services ranging upwards of $500+. Factors which add value to projects include writing resumes from scratch, completing projects on a rush request, writing cover letters, updating LinkedIn profiles, or other unique situations. For a better understanding of pricing packages, visit our pricing tab on the website or call us directly and we can give you an exact quote over the phone. Special projects vary in price but are typically billed at an hourly rate.
  • How long until my project is complete?
    Turnaround times for projects vary based on size and complexity, but 90% of projects are completed within 24-48 hours. We pride ourselves on responsiveness and turnaround time. We do not rush through our work by any means, but we deliberately only book a handbook of appointments per day to give each client our undivided attention. Please note that this turnaround window refers to after the interview has been completed. Most projects require a call to gather information about the project, and most writers are booked out between 3-7 business days. Because we have a lot of flexibility in our schedule, we do accommodate urgent timelines for an additional rush fee. If you need a quicker-than-usual turnaround, give us a call, and we'll see what we can do.
  • How and when do I pay?
    All projects are paid using QuickBooks billing, and invoices must be paid the same day as booking an interview call. We understand that paying up front may make some clients hesitant, but we provide personalized critique/strategy and numerous portfolio samples prior to starting--this means clients can view the quality of our finished products before making a decision.
  • How does DWP ensure my personal info remains confidential?
    Client confidentiality is extremely important to us. We encourage all prospective and ongoing clients to remove physical addresses from their resumes or other documents prior to sending them for review. Also, because our invoicing is done through QuickBooks, no one on the DWP team has access to debit/credit card information, and the only personal information we keep on file is name. phone number, and email!
  • What is DWP's success rate? Can DWP guarantee employment?
    Our only true way to measure success is through customer satisfaction, which has led to hundreds of five-star reviews online and internal customer feedback survey score of 90% across three categories: professionalism, responsiveness, and writing quality. We understand that having a resume is a critically important piece in securing your new role; however, we also acknowledge that it is only one piece of the process. Beware of any resume company that guarantees success based on a document alone. Employment demand, technical qualifications, job application persistence/consistency, and personality types are all equally powerful variables.
  • Are your resumes written with ATS compatibility?
    ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System--it is essentially a program that HR departments use to scan resumes for appropriate key words and experiences. We ask that all clients provide job postings for positions they are interested in applying for, so our team can evaluate the responsibilities and qualifications of the new role in order to tailor the resume accordingly. Rather than using keyword stuffing, we see where your previous experiences overlap with the new role and write your skills in context. Companies use different ATS software and match completely different job descriptions, so no one resume will score 100% across multiple platforms. However, we implement best practices to ensure the document is generally accepted across companies. It is also important to note that ATS is only used in instances where HR is getting large volumes of applicatns for the same role. Even then, chances are, a human being is still looking at your document.
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